Elkay Kitchen Sinks, Elkay Lavatory Sinks, Elkay Utility Sinks

Elkay Sinks and Faucets for your Kitchen and Bath

Started as a family business in the 1920s, Elkay has expanded over the last century into a global manufacturer of high quality stainless steel sinks. The bulk of their line caters to commercial audiences, but their kitchen and bathroom collections are rapidly growing and have the unique, elegant, modern aesthetic you'd expect from a company whose primary medium is steel.

Elkay Bathroom Faucet

Bathroom Faucets

Elkay´s bathroom faucets are among their most traditional fixtures, with simple blade handles and unembellished chrome spigots. A few are available in hands-free versions with motion sensors installed into the neck of the faucet, which are great for a sleek, modern bathroom – especially if you want to minimize splashing and water marks.

Elkay Bathroom Sink

Bathroom Vanity Sinks

Elkay´s stainless steel bathroom sinks are the perfect pair for any modern styled bathroom. With beautiful mirror finishes and several eye-catching geometric designs, these add a touch of minimal elegance to any bathroom.

Wall Mount Sinks Steel is an elegant medium, but these wall mounted sinks are pure utility, with a simple, rectangular construction reminiscent of their commercial lines – many of them even come with built in motion sensor faucets. That said, with some skillful design and a delicate creative hand, these can easily work in an ultra modern bathroom for a sleek industrial chic.


Since the company was founded in the 1920´s, Elkay´s medium has been steel, and in the intervening century or so that´s come to mean a uniquely modern aesthetic. From beautiful, artistically modern shaped sinks to totally re-envisioned, almost futuristic faucets, Elkay´s kitchen aesthetic is sleek and sophisticated. That said, they don´t stray from functionality, with a full line of excellent add-ons to keep your space usable while staying sleek, clean, and uncluttered.

Elkay Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sinks and Sink Accessories

Single Bowl Sinks. Elkay offers a huge range of stainless steel single bowl sinks. From ultra compact bar sinks in a variety of shapes and styles to innovatively shaped, sleek, modern kitchen sinks, this collection is much, much more than your average steel tub. Though they, of course, have quite a few standard rectangular sinks, both undermount and self rimming, the real stars of the collection have quite a bit more pizazz. They even have a few gorgeous vessel style sinks that sit right on top of your counter for an incredibly unique look. And if you´re not a big fan of stainless steel, Elkay offers a few "e-granite" sinks as well, which are made of an eco-friendly quartz composite material and are completely hygienic and resistant to scratching, staining, and chipping.

Elkay Kitchen Sink

Double Bowl Sinks. Of all Elkay´s sinks, their double bowled kitchen sinks come in the greatest variety. You can easily find almost any combination of two sink sizes oriented in either direction, in several unique shapes. Whether you want two large bowls or a standard sink with a peel catcher, this line has every combination you could want already designed perfectly to fit your kitchen. They even have several compact corner style sinks, and a handful with one normal sized sink and a second very small, shallow one with an integrated drain board for a perfect, easy to clean preparation station. You can also find a few elegant, artistically shaped sinks which mark Elkay´s signature modern style.

Elkay Kitchen Sink

Triple Bowl Sinks. Elkay´s triple bowl sinks offer the greatest utility of any of their sink designs, with three staggered rectangular or rounded-edged bowls in slightly different sizes (usually with one small peel-catcher bowl in the middle and one deep one for washing and one shallower one for drying on the sides). Several of them come with built in drainboards, which gives them a pretty impressive countertop footprint, but also maximizes your usable workspace and makes it easy to prevent cross contamination when thawing or cutting meat, because the drain boards are self contained and very easy to clean.

Bar Sinks. In addition to some of their more standard single-bowl bar-sized sinks, Elkay offers a few with a little extra flair – say, one in the shape of Texas, or another in the shape of a martini glass. Great for a fun, funky conversation starter, and a few even come with built in cutting boards for a quick prep station in case you find yourself needing a large thin slice of lemon peel.

Elkay Kitchen Bar Sink

Kitchen Sink Drains. This line includes all the parts you need to install your sink´s plumbing, from the drain assemblies to all the plumbing you need to adequately drain up to three sink bowls on a single line.

Sink Grids. Tired of pots, pans, knives, and peels scraping, scratching, or staining the inside of your sink? These sink grids are designed to fit easily into all of Elkay´s kitchen sinks, and act as a buffer between your sink and anything you might accidentally drop into it. The sturdy rubber feet prevent the grid itself from scratching, and they all have a hole sized and placed just right to keep your drain clear, so you can even use them in a sink with a garbage disposal.

Sink Strainers. Elkay provides replacement drain assemblies for all of their standard sink drain sizes, as well as fillers and basket strainers – just in case!

Utility Baskets. Elkay provides matching utility baskets for all of their kitchen sinks. Sized to fit into one of the sink bowls, these lightweight wire rinse racks can help get your dish washing and drying organized, without taking up any counter space. Each one comes with rubber feet to prevent scratching, and a removable dish rack – just make sure you get the one that matches your sink for the best fit!

Cutting Boards If your kitchen is shy on counter space, this is one little luxury you can´t afford to miss: solid hardwood cutting boards designed to rest securely on the rim of your Elkay sink. This not only gives you a solid extra workspace, but also makes cleanup easy. Do all your prep on a flat surface your kitchen didn´t have a minute ago, then turn it sideways and drop it straight into your sink to rinse.

Elkay Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen Faucets

Though Elkay´s kitchen faucet line does include a few traditional and vintage style faucets, their real specialty, and the bulk of their line are modern, almost futuristic faucets with incredibly unique and innovative designs. With several elegant twists on the pull out faucet, and a plethora of pared down, minimalist volume controls, Elkay´s faucets are delightfully unexpected and make a great, artistic addition to any modern styled kitchen.

Bar Faucets These pint size faucets are largely scaled down versions of Elkay´s elegant kitchen sinks. Though a few are more utilitarian than unique, the majority of the collection reflects Elkay´s bold modern aesthetic, with minimalist, geometric fixtures that will add a sleek, cool touch to your bar. The clear star of the collection is a simple J shaped chrome faucet with a stylized olive skewered on its joystick-style handle. Perfect paired with their martini glass shaped bar sink.

Soap Dispensers. These soap and lotion dispensers are a great way to curb countertop clutter. They install directly into your Elkay sink and screw onto a half pint plastic container that stays completely concealed below your counter. No more messy refillable bottles, and these pumps are available in many of the same styles and finishes as Elkay´s kitchen faucets.

Commercial Plumbing Fixtures

Since the 1940s Elkay has been the country´s leading producer of commercial grade stainless steel sinks. So while their residential lines are still developing, their commercial sinks, faucets, fixtures, and water cooler collections are both extensive and time-tested. Designed to meet a variety of commercial needs, Elkay caters to the medical, educational, and hospitality industries with a full range of high quality stainless steel products.

Classroom Sinks and Faucets

Elkay´s classroom sinks and faucets are designed to be kid friendly, with big single bladed handles for easy use with little hands, and durable finishes that make them perfectly capable of handling even the roughest toughest science or ceramics class. Some of the sinks even come set up to install drinking fountain spigots, so the smallest kids won´t even need a hall pass to get a drink of water.

Commercial Faucets and Valves

This line is primarily made up of the kind of faucet hardware you´d only find in a public restroom: push button handles that ensure that no one will accidentally leave the sink running once their hands are clean. Though there are a few more standard faucet designs, many of them are not unique to this collection and can be found throughout Elkay´s commercial faucet supply collections.

Elkay Drinking Fountains

Commercial Lavatory Sinks

If there´s such a thing as public lavatory chic, this line has it. Made entirely of stainless steel across the whole collection, these sinks range from simple single bowl (mostly wall mount, though the few floor mount ones have foot rather than hand controls) to medical style basins up to eight feet long with between one and four faucets that pour into the huge single basin.

Commercial Urinals

These commercial grade urinals are made of 14 gauge stainless steel and range from 48-60 inches in length, with your choice of exposed or hidden continuous flush piping.

Drinking Fountains

These petite, round basin commercial drinking fountains are sleek and modern looking. Unlike larger drinking fountain/cooler models elsewhere in Elkay´s commercial line, these ones are mounted discreetly to the wall rather than leaving their bulky hardware exposed. They also have vandal proof buttons, and are contoured to minimize splashing.

Elkay Food Service Faucet

Food Service Faucets

Utilitarian and bare bones, these faucets aren´t much to look at, but they can pour out a whopping 2.2 gallons of water per minute, making them ideal for filling large sinks. All of the designs will fit Elkay´s food service sinks, and many of them have very tall necks to keep them clear of stacks of dishes. There are a few pot filler style faucets in this collection, too, with up to a 20 inch frontal reach that allows them to easily fill multi-bowl sinks. As well, several of the sinks come with high flow spray washers, and they carry a few with long, flexible necks used for rinsing.

Food Service Sinks

Elkay´s stainless steel sinks aren´t just for home kitchen use. These floor mount 14-16 gauge stainless steel sinks are ideally suited for food service and hospitality and come in a wide variety of styles to fit the needs of almost any size operation. Ranging from single to triple bowled sinks with pre-drilled holes for up to four faucets, and with the option for one, two, or no drainboards, their largest sinks are upwards of ten feet long, with bowls more than a foot deep. That´ll hold a heck of a lot of dishes!

Scrub Sinks

These 14 gauge stainless steel wall mounted sinks are designed for commercial medical use. Deep enough to easily wash up to your elbows, most come with motion sensor or foot or knee controlled hot water handles to help prevent cross contamination. As well, many of the faucets come with built in anti scald valves to ensure the water is hot enough to disinfect without being hot enough to burn.

Surgeons Sinks And Faucets

Designed to get your hands clean and keep them clean, these commercial wall mounted surgeons sinks come with faucets built in, controlled either by a motion sensor built into the base of the spigot, or with foot or knee controlled hot and cold levers. They also have built in surgical instrument trays that drain into the main basin of the sink. Made of 16 gauge stainless steel.

Elkay Water Cooler

Water Coolers

Next to steel sinks, Elkay´s main business is water coolers, and they have a whole line of commercial grade drinking fountains. Now these aren´t just the fixtures themselves, but the whole units that chill as well as dispense the water. Ranging from large rectangular freestanding drinking fountains to daintier ones with the hardware hidden in a recessed wall installation, if you´ve seen it in a public place, they probably have a similar model available for sale. A few even have separate filtered water spigots and dedicated bottle fillers.

Laundry And Utility Room

Elkay specializes in stainless steel, and the tough, durable material is ideally suited for inhospitable environments. Their laundry and utility sinks and faucets are nicer looking than traditional white plastic tub sinks, and more durable to boot. Though they wouldn´t look spectacular in a fancy kitchen, these fixtures are excellent for what they are, and offer excellent usability in work spaces where you´d ever need to wash, rinse, or soak anything.

Elkay Utility Sinks and Faucets

Laundry And Utility Faucets

Elkay´s laundry and utility faucets are made of made of solid brass with chrome finishes, and are designed for maximum usability. With long, smoothly angled faucets designed to be easy to work around, and massive, flat handles you can easily turn on or off with an elbow, these faucets aren´t much to look at, but they´re absolutely invaluable in a grimy, hands-full sort of work space like a garage or laundry room.

Laundry And Utility Sinks

These stainless steel utility sinks and laundry tubs are no-nonsense fixtures designed for maximum functionality. Many of them include built in drainboards, which add often much needed workspace (for spraying or folding clothes, say) and can be wall mounted as well as set into a counter or vanity, and many of them are completely freestanding, with solid steel construction throughout.

Outdoor Fixtures

Elkay offers an entire line of ultra durable stainless steel sinks designed for outdoor use. These compact, hearty sinks add a little extra ease and provide a more hygienic water source than your hose nozzle!

Outdoor Sinks. These bar style stainless steel sinks are perfectly suited for outdoor use – great for a patio kitchen or just a nice add on to a frequently used outdoor dining areal. If you do a lot of grilling, having a sink close at hand can help prevent cross contamination and save a lot of trips in and out of the kitchen, whether you´re just rinsing utensils, thawing meat, or chilling drinks. Plus, the 18-20 gauge stainless steel is plenty robust to stand up outdoors, even in harsher climates.

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