Elizabethan Classics Bathroom Vanities, Clawfoot tubs,Showers, Sinks and Faucets
Elizabethan Classics Bathroom Sinks, Faucets, Clawfoot Tubs and more

Elizabethan Classics Bathroom Sinks, Faucets, Clawfoot Tubs and more

Elizabethan Classics offers a full range of vintage style bathroom fixtures. From sinks and faucets to clawfoot tubs and fillers, they offer a huge variety of antique replicas that pay homage to the charm and quiet sophistication of the Victorian era. Many of their pieces are available in both traditional materials and more modern ones, but their designs are all authentic, giving you a real old world look and feel with a little extra modern convenience.

Victorian Clawfoot tubs by Elizabethan Classics

Clawfoot Tub Chic From Elizabethan Classics

The image of a clawfoot tub is utterly iconic, but Elizabethan Classics´ collection contains a few silhouettes that you might not be so familiar with. Most common are the roll rim tubs which, chances are, is the shape you think of when you think "clawfoot tub" - scooped on one end and slightly flat on the faucet side with a simple rolled lip that goes all the way around the edge of the tub. Tubs that are rounded at both ends with the filler in the middle are called "double ended" tubs and tend to be a little longer - perfect for couples who like to share their bath water.

Slipper and double slipper tubs have higher back rests on one or both sides, respectively, and are much more comfortable for lounging and even offer excellent neck support. Though Elizabethan Classics focuses primarily on authentic Victorian design (which means claw-style feet), they also offer a nice selection of tubs with pedestal bases that mimic art-deco styles of the 1920s and 30s and make great mates for their pedestal sinks.

Freesanding tubs by Elizabethan Classics

Cast Iron vs. Acrylic Clawfoot Tubs

Almost all of Elizabethan Classics´ clawfoot tubs are available in both acrylic and cast iron versions. Each material has its merits, and the choice is largely personal preference, but there are a few things you should consider when picking out your tub. Porcelain coated cast iron tends to be slightly more expensive, but is also more traditional and much more durable. Porcelain is very difficult to scratch, but also hard to repair, which means that any chips or scratches you do end up with are there for good. On the other hand, acrylic tubs are less expensive and lighter weight, which makes them easier to install but feel less solid when you´re in them.

They also tend to scratch more easily, but can be sanded down and repaired to remove any blemishes. As well, any scratches or chips will be less noticeable than they would in a cast iron tub because acrylic is the same color all the way through. Cast iron tubs can be painted on the outside to match your decor, whereas acrylic ones are onlyl available in a limited range of finishes.

Finally, cast iron tubs start off feeling chilly and can take longer to heat up, but will keep your water hotter longer, whereas acrylic tubs will always feel slightly warm to the touch, but don´t retain heat as well once the tub is full. All that said, if you´ve got a big budget and are looking for some serious luxury and antique authenticity, the answer might be "neither" - Elizabethan Classics´ gorgeous solid copper tubs are much, much more expensive, but are absolutely unmatched in quality and style.

Clawfoot Victorian Tub Faucet by Elizabethan Classics

100% Vintage Bathroom Fixtures

Authentic Victorian style tubs require authentic Victorian hardware, which means exposed clawfoot tub fillers and freestanding showers. Elizabethan Classics goes out of their way to ensure these fixtures are charming rather than cumbersome, with a whole range of vintage style faucets and fixtures, including an excellent selection of deck and floor mount tub fillers with built in hand showers.

Even if you want a full sized standing shower, they offer svelte, antique-style showerheads with built-in curtain rings that allow you to instal your tub just about anywhere in your bathroom without losing functionality or style. The best part? All this hardware comes in the same finishes (chrome, polished brass, satin nickel, and oil rubbed bronze) as their faucets, clawfoot tub feet, and even several other bathroom accessories like towel bars and robe hooks.

Old World Bathroom Faucets by Elizabethan Classics

Old World Bathroom Faucets

Elizabethan Classics´ bathroom faucets are made with a more modern solid brass construction to ensure longevity, durability, and water quality, but are otherwise designed to be completely authentic to the Victorian era. Many of the models even come with separate hot and cold taps with antique cross handles for a truly historically accurate fixture. Throughout the collection you´ll find a combination of simple, unadorned spigots with cross and lever handles in both single and dual tap sinks, many of which have optional porcelain handle inlays for a little extra antique charm.

Victorian Pedestal Sinks

Made of vitreous china and designed to echo the classical influence seen in lavatories in the Victorian era, these elegant, freestanding sinks make an excellent finishing touch to a vintage style bathroom. Available in single-post versions with Roman column style bases and oval or scalloped rectangular sink as well as a two-legged table style, all of their sinks make excellent mates for the subtle sophistication of their freestanding tubs, and work especially well in smaller bathrooms that are unable to accommodate larger vanities. As well, Elizabethan Classic has a few vessel style sinks also made of vitreous china and designed to evoke antique wash basins.

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