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Crystorama Lighting

Crystorama Lighting: Chandeliers, Wall Sconces, Pendants and more

Crystorama began in the 1950s as a premier importer of fine European crystal chandeliers, and later became a market leader in producing hand-crafted, classically-styled chandeliers made with the highest quality crystals. Today, they keep this tradition alive with amazing hand-finished chandeliers in their classical styles, as well as a whole collection of fashion-forward lighting fixtures that range from transitional to contemporary – and all of which use either hand cut or the finest quality Swarovski crystal. Renowned by home designers, historical societies, and hospitality specialists alike, Crystorama offers a huge variety of exquisite quality lighting fixtures sized for every home at impressively reasonable prices.

Crystal Chandeliers by Crystorama

Crystal Chandeliers

Crystorama´s crystal chandeliers are based on hundreds of years of artisan craftsmanship, and more than half a century of family tradition. Still made from authentic molds and patterns in the tradition of their predecessors and hand chased to ensure the highest quality and enhance their intricate detailing, these are truly historically authentic works of art. They get the recognition for it, too, with prominent placement in many gorgeous, historical buildings, including the U.S. Supreme Court and Constitution Hall. Though only certain specially labeled fixtures come with hand-crafted crystal pieces, the remainder of the collection is fashioned of peerless-quality laser-cut Swarovski crystal, a brand name that´s truly synonymous with beauty and quality.

Swarovski Crystal Quality

Swarovski is a premier producer of some of the finest quality precision-cut crystals in the world, and it´s their optical-clear quality crystal that Crystorama uses in many of their lighting fixtures, especially their chandeliers.

The crystal comes in several varieties, many of them from Swarovski´s esteemed Elements collection, and come in a wide range of qualities and finishes. "S" grade is the highest quality - the purest, clearest, finest quality crystal on the market, with a clear dust-proof coating to keep it looking perfect. "SAQ" is a Swarovski Spectra crystal, which is a beautiful looking alternative crystal with a much lower price tag than the traditional Elements crystals. "SSS" crystals have a silver-based coating that gives them a faint, iridescent, mirrored sheen. "GTS" crystals have a deep, amber gold tint.

Crystorama Lighting also uses some non-Swarovski hand-cut crystals, designated "CL-MW" for clear and "GT-MWP" for those with a golden finish, both of which are cut, shaped, ground, and polished entirely by hand in the historical tradition rather than by laser, making each one totally unique and original.

Chandeliers by Crystorama

Crystorama Lighting Style

Though Crystorama traditionally specializes in very classically styled chandeliers, their catalog is divided into three main collections. Their Illuminating Classics series draws heavily on traditional designs and European antique styles, and primarily features cast brass, crystals, and alabaster finishes.

The Illumination Fashions lighting collection includes a little of everything else - from transitional styles that combine modern and classical designs to fixtures that revisit retro influences. This is also the collection that features some of their star designers, as well as scaled down versions of their fixtures that feature prominently in several world-class hotels. In other words, this collection is where you can find some of their most fashion-forward and trend setting new designs.

Finally, Crystorama´s Illuminating Youth collection features dainty mini-chandeliers and chandelettes in gentle blush finishes that make them perfect accent for a little girl´s room - or for the powder room of a grown-up little lady. Each of the three collections come in a huge variety of sizes and styles, but lights can often be coordinated between different types of lights (like bathroom lights, ceiling mounted lights, chandeliers, island lights, lanterns, mini-shades, pendants, or sconces) within the same style.

Crystal Chandeliers by Crystorama

Crystorama Designers

In 2009, Crystorama partnered with award winning jeweler Dorian Webb to create an exclusive line of lighting fixtures designed as jewelery for your home. The Palla collection is a re-imagined retro line featuring the use of deliberately random, overlapping circles and ovals of glass, crystal,and silver lit from behind to create warm light and the illusion of floating parts. Her Fiore collection is more traditional, using classic chandelier forms but replacing Crystorama´s customary crystal with delicate, brightly colored Venetian glass for a fun but elegant update on the historic style.

Both collections are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to fit almost any room, and come in several different finishes to compliment any décor.

Crystorama Variety

One of the most impressive features of Crystorama´s extensive collection of lighting fixtures is their flexibility. With each fixture available in a variety of sizes, it´s easy to find one to fit the space you have to fill.

As a general rule of thumb, you want to keep a chandelier about 30 inches above any surface (or about 10 feet above the floor of an open 2 story foyer). To find out how wide your chandelier should be, multiply the width of your room (in feet) by 2 - your chandelier should be that wide (in inches).

But chandeliers aren´t, by any means, the only thing that Crystorama offers. In fact, their collections are both incredibly diverse and very well coordinated - in the Palla series lights, for example, you can get not only a chandelier, but also a matching wall sconce, bathroom light, and a pretty nifty matching chandelette all made in the same design and to the same high quality standards as their larger fixtures.

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