Caluco Outdoor Furnitre, Luxury Outdoor Furniture
Caluco Outdoor and Patio Furniture

Caluco Outdoor and Patio Furniture

Caluco is a family owned and operated business that's been producing designer outdoor furniture since opening their doors in 2003. Their mission is to provide beautiful, high quality, designer patio furniture at a reasonable price. And with collections that range from classic garden styles to high quality wood pieces and even island-resort inspired outdoor furniture, Caluco offers an excellent selection, too.

Caluco Outdoor Patio Furniture

Durable, Weather Proof Construction

Caluco aims to make patio furniture that will last you a lifetime. Though many of their designer styles are much more affordable than you'd expect, they never skimp on quality, using only the finest, most durable materials throughout all of their outdoor collections. Most of their tables and chairs are made with powder-coated extruded or cast aluminum, which is lightweight, strong, and completely rust-proof. Their wicker-style seating is made of synthetic resin wicker which has embedded color that won't fade and is UV resistant so it won't stain or become brittle and crack. Even their wood collections use only the finest, most naturally wood resistant teak and ipa woods, and all of their cushions and sling chairs and lounges are made with water, mildew, and fade-resistant Sunbrella fabric for the ultimate in longevity.

Caluco Outdoor Patio Furniture

Customizable Design

Though Caluco's outdoor furniture is divided into designer sets, all of their items are available individually as well. That means that you can use their designer pieces to build a patio set to fit your personal space - whether you want sprawling sectionals or intimate bar-style tables. Many of their individual pieces are highly customizable as well, with over 250 different color choices for their cushions, and dozens of beautiful synthetic wicker colors and patterns. The spectacular variety of customizable options - from the types of pieces to the materials they're made out of - make Caluco's patio sets supremely easy to personalize.

Caluco Outdoor Patio Furniture

Designer Style Patio Furniture

Caluco is dedicated to making high-end designer outdoor furniture available to people with less than designer budgets. Emphasizing simplicity and leisure, Caluco's patio furniture tends to be fairly simple in design - utilizing geometric shapes and classical, island-inspired materials. Where they really stand out is in color - with the myriad fabric options for cushions, pillows, and sling chairs that brighten and personalize your patio pieces. In this way, Caluco makes patio furniture that has a beautiful, designer look and feel, is absolutely well made, and is affordable to boot.

Superior Quality Assurance

What really sets Caluco apart from the competition, though, is their unique hands-on approach to every aspect of their business. Caluco isn't merely family owned and operated - their CEO and President, Aaron Gochman personally supervises all levels of Caluco's production to ensure the highest level of quality at all stages of manufacture. Each and every piece of outdoor furniture they make is held to the same high standards, so you can be certain that your purchase has been rigorously and personally inspected for quality.

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