Belle Foret Bathroom Vanities, Showers, Sinks and Faucets
Belle Foret Bathroom Vanities, Sinks, Faucets, Clawfoot Tubs and more

Belle Foret Bathroom Vanities, Sinks and Faucets for Kitchen and Bath and more.

Belle Foret offers extensive bathroom and kitchen collections done in the elegant French Country style. Combining simple antique faucet design with beautiful carved hardwood and hammered copper sinks, Belle Foret has created an aesthetic that's simultaneously regal and homey, and will give your home a completely unique flair.

More than any other room in your home, the bathroom is the place to indulge in a truly decadent remodel. Belle Foret speaks to this desire, with stunning faucets with old world charm and beautifully carved, antique style vanities. From their oil rubbed bronze fixtures to their glowing copper sinks, their bathroom decor is delightfully opulent, with a dollop of country chic to keep it looking more inviting than imposing.

Bathroom Vanities by Belle Foret

Bathroom Vanities and Bathroom Storage

Belle Foret´s bathroom vanities are all antique elegance, made of beautifully carved hardwood and sized to give a room a little old world heft. These are definitely made for a regal remodel, whether you opt for a distressed, antiquated finish or the stunning polished pecan or oak. All of their vanities come with built in black granite countertops and white porcelain undermount sinks, with holes pre drilled to fit their faucets. Many of them also have mirrors with frames that match the woodwork.

Designed as mates to Belle Foret´s vanity collection, these freestanding linen closets are made of the same oak and pecan as the vanities, and boast their same beautiful carving and knob pulls. Excellent for a larger bathroom, these pieces really are furniture rather than fixtures, and give a room a regal but comfortable air - disposing of clutter and making your bathroom look fit to bathe royalty.

The simple bathroom glass shelves from Belle Foret are a great way to add a little extra storage space to a smaller bathroom, and are available in the same finishes - chrome, satin nickel, and rubbed bronze - as many of Belle Foret´s other bathroom items.

Bathroom Lighting by Belle Foret

Bathroom Lighting

Belle Foret´s bathroom lighting reflects their elegant, antiquated aesthetic, drawing on tea-stained glass shades and oiled, rubbed bronze fixtures throughout the collection. With a pleasant mix of sconce, over the mirror, and flush mounted lighting, you could easily light your entire bathroom with the excellently well coordinated fixtures from this collection.

Bathroom Vanity Sinks

Belle Foret specializes in copper sinks, both undermount and vessel sinks. The latter are especially impressive, with a gorgeous hammered texture and great little details, like faux handles that lend a little rustic authenticity to the pieces. All their sinks are 14 to 18 gauge copper, and come in a range of finishes, from shiny as a penny to weathered copper or even a dark, oil rubbed finish that somewhat resembles bronze.

Bathroom Faucets by Belle Foret

Deck Mount & Roman Tub Faucets

Many of Belle Foret´s deck mount and Roman tub fillers are scaled up versions of their bathroom faucets, with the same cross handle country style design, but sized to handle the volume required to fill a tub, and with necks long enough that they can be installed on the deck of a tub and still clear the edge sufficiently to be able to fill it.

Bathroom Faucets

Belle Foret´s bathroom faucets combine antique country style with modern elegance, pairing cottage style cross handles and classically curved spigots with more contemporary oil rubbed bronze finishes and more vessel-sink friendly mounts. But whether you opt for their sleek wall mounted models, or their nouveau waterfall faucet style take on an old fashioned manual water pump, the entire collection will add equal parts hominess and sophistication to your bathroom.

Bathroom Showers by Belle Foret

Bathroom Showers

Hand Showers
Designed as an add on to their deck mounted tub faucets, these hand showers are also meant to be installed on the deck of a large soaking tub, next to the filler. They can be pulled out (much like a kitchen sprayer), allowing the functionality of a shower in a freestanding tub without requiring a lot of exposed hardware.

Shower Systems
These shower systems complete Belle Foret´s bathroom line. Like their other fixtures, they come with country cross and lever style handles and are finished in chrome, satin nickel, oiled bronze, or tumbled bronze, but instead of the cottage style faucets, these come with 6 inch round rainfall showerheads. The showerheads´ internal pressure regulation system helps recreate the feeling of standing in a natural deluge for an indulgent spa experience.


Belle Foret´s line of toilets is fairly limited, but if you´re looking to stick with a single brand, they have a nice, sleek, round front, one piece toilet available in white or black. It uses an industry standard 1.6 gallons of water per flush, but has a special syphon jet flush and glazed trapway to ensure that your waste is always removed in a single flush.

Kitchen Faucets by Belle Foret

Kitchen Fixtures by Belle Foret

Belle Foret´s kitchen collection seeks to balance comfort and luxury, taking traditional country style faucets and giving them radiant oiled and tumbled bronze finishes. Paired with hammered copper and porcelain apron sinks, this collection hearkens back to old farmhouse style kitchens, but adds a touch of sophistication and elegance for a completely unique French Country style.

Bar Faucets

Unlike many of Belle Foret´s faucets, bathroom or kitchen, which have rather lavish handles, their bar faucets are much more compact, with a single handle built directly into the stem of the sink. Otherwise, though, these compact faucets (meant for a very small bar sink) are quite similar to many of the collection´s other offerings, with long curved stems and beautiful bronze finishes.

Kitchen Faucets

Belle Foret´s kitchen faucets are beautiful, innovative updates of a classic country design. Though many retain the cross handles, lever handles, and antiquated bronze finishes that are so common throughout their entire faucet collection, the most innovative ones have lovely thin, spiral handles with antique style porcelain indicator buttons. The bases of these sinks are a little heftier, too, to allow them to be able to reach all parts of a wider sink without sacrificing their antique design.

Kitchen Pot Filler Faucets by Belle Foret

Pot Fillers

Pot fillers are one of those luxury items that are actually really worth the splurge. Installed on the backsplash above your kitchen stove, these faucets have long, foldable arms you can use to fill even the largest stock pots already set on the burner. That means no more lifting heavy, sloshing pots every time you make a lot of pasta. Belle Foret´s are similar to the rest of their kitchen line, with an elegant country feel and several available finishes.

Kitchen Sinks by Belle Foret

Single Bowl Sinks for your Kitchen

Belle Foret has two basic single bowl sink designs. First, they have a whole range of smaller round or rounded square bar sinks resemble their hammered copper bathroom sinks, but deeper and more cylindrical, and large, rectangular farmhouse style apron sinks available either in the same hammered copper, or more traditional white or off white porcelain. Regardless of the finish, though, these apron sinks make an excellent pair for Belle Foret´s cottage influenced faucets.

Kitchen Sinks by Belle Foret

Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Belle Foret specializes in copper sinks, and their double bowled kitchen sinks are no exception. Made of 16 gauge copper and available in either self rimming or undermount versions, these sinks have an alluring, hammered texture that beautifully reflects light and adds a unique, decadent look to any kitchen.

Laundry and Utility Room Fixtures

Just because a room is dedicated to dirty clothes doesn´t mean it cant be beautiful to look at. After all, though many laundry and utility rooms are banished to the creepy corner of the basement, it´s an area that, inevitably, you end up spending some time in - so why not add a little light and a little luxury with a nice new utility sink and faucet?

Done with a simpler design than Belle Foret´s kitchen and bathroom faucet lines, these utility faucets nevertheless offer a little touch of class to a room that´s often otherwise overlooked by designers. The porcelain hot and cold indicator tags add a little extra rustic charm, and the faucets and handles themselves are made with finishes that are less likely to scratch, and which will hold up better in a rough and tough environment like a laundry room.

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