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Country Style Bathroom Vanities

Balancing rustic and refined, country style bathrooms hearken back to a simpler time and an easier way of life. As such, many country style bathroom vanities have a certain handmade charm, often showcasing natural, rugged wood grain and simple artisan style craftsmanship. With an emphasis on utility and storage space, these single and double vanities are the perfect pair for a farmhouse style home or a simple country theme. From a plain but elegant plank style to simple, homey hand carved details, these country style bathroom vanities are all comfort and charm.
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Brand:   Sagehill Series: Casual Elements Collection
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Victorian Collection
Brand:   Sagehill Series: Victorian Collection
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Tips for Buying Country Style Bathroom Vanities

Country bathroom vanities are emblematic of simple, rustic style. Emphasizing natural materials and traditional methods, country style bathroom vanities are nothing if not cozy. If you´re looking to build a bathroom you can really relax in, a country bathroom vanity is a good place to start. Be sure to keep in mind before you buy:

Country Bathroom Vanities
  • Wood Stain Matters. For a true country bathroom style, you want your wood as natural as it comes. That means vanities with visible planks, and opting for finishes that tend toward lighter maples and oaks, either with a warm honey tone or a natural, weathered, slightly gray appearance. This helps enhance the appearance of a handcrafted piece of furniture.
  • Whitewash Works, Too. Unlike cottage style bathroom vanities, which work best with a pure, bright white finish, country bathrooms are better paired with a more rustic, whitewashed or antique style white. Especially where this lets you see the natural wood grain below, a thinner or worn white finish can again enhance the rustic appearance of your bathroom vanity.
  • Go Rustic Elsewhere In Your Bathroom. Country bathroom vanities are all comfy cozy, but to make a bathroom to match, you’ve got to go a little further. Look for rustic accessories, like washbasin style sinks (and even a porcelain pitcher to go with), hand painted tile (especially with a delicate floral design), and simple Americana trinkets and artwork.
  • Think Patriotic. If you have a craftsman style home, or simply want to emphasize an American pioneer aesthetic, you can never go wrong with the good ol’ red white and blue. Porcelain and powder blues with small red accents work best, for a simple, rustic palette to complete a country style bathroom.
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