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AGA Appliance

AGA stoves were first conceived in the 1920s by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Gustav Dalen, who wanted to create a wood burning stove that wouldn't require constant tending. Over the last 90 years, his original cast iron design has been further developed and modified for the modern home, and has become the premier brand in radiant heat cooking.

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AGA Appliance

Unique Cast Iron Construction

Gustav Dalen's solution to hard to heat wood stoves was to build a stove that, quite simply, didn't cool down. Cast iron is incredibly good at retaining heat, and so he built a stove that was made of heat-holding cast iron on the inside, and thick, insulating enamel on the outside. This is the design that AGA still uses today, and the result is a range that's incredibly energy efficient - once heated, it requires very little energy to maintain the heat in a cast iron stove - and that's ready to use at a moment's notice. That also means there's no penalty for peeking while your food is in the oven - it won't lose much heat or alter your cooking environment if you open the door.

AGA Appliance

Fast Cooking, Any Time

Instead of a traditional cooktop, AGA ranges are covered with two simple insulated covers, one of which covers a boiling plate that can heat water faster than your average electric kettle, and the other a simmering plate that cooks food low and slow, and doubles nicely as a griddle. Each burner can accommodate up to three average saucepans, and is fully heated 24/7 for whenever you need it, just pop up the cover, put down your pot, and you're already cooking. The constant temperature also means even cooking, which is ideal for frying, and the boiling plate is hot enough to sear or stir fry.

Multi-Function Ovens

Similarly, the inside of the multi-chamber ovens are constantly heated as well. Depending on the size of your AGA oven, it will have a different number of compartments, but the largest ones will have up to four separate chambers capable of replacing almost all the cooking appliances in your home. The roasting oven is excellent for roasting meat or poultry, the baking oven produces picture perfect baked goods, the simmering oven is great for braising and can replace your slow cooker, and the warming oven is perfect for keeping your food or plates and utensils warm. All this means you can make an entire meal all at once in a single appliance, without even raising the temperature of your kitchen.

AGA Appliance

Smart Energy Use

You might think that having your oven on all the time would raise your energy bill, but the nature of cast iron means that almost no energy is used to maintain a cooking-ready temperature once it's attained - much less than you'd need to repeatedly heat a standard oven from room temperature. Plus, because AGA's ranges are so well insulated, other than warming plates on top that are intentionally warm to the touch, they won't feel any different from a conventional oven, and won't raise the temperature in your home the way a conventional oven does while in use.

Whole Kitchen Design

Because they're made of enamel-finished cast iron, AGA kitchen ranges have an incredibly distinct appearance, with smooth, colorful contours and a vaguely vintage appeal. But don't worry - while the ranges are AGA's star appliances, they also offer a whole line of matching appliances, including a variety of refrigerator types and stylish dishwashers so you'll be able to carry the same style throughout your kitchen. They also offer a variety of sleek, modern kitchen range hoods to compliment your new range and keep your kitchen clean.

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